Blogs Posted 29 Aug

3NDWG Annual Report 2018-2019

We are very pleased to present the 3 Nations Dementia Working Group’s first annual report, covering 2018 until May 2019.

The report details the many activities undertaken by the group, including campaigning, speaking and attending events locally, nationally and even globally. Highlights from the year include the establishment of the 3NDWG website, increased membership, new fortnightly Twitter chats and the creation of a film about the group. The report also looks forward to the rest of 2019-2020, including an increased focus on campaigning and gaining more Northern Irish members.

The information for the report was compiled by the steering group, and written up by the 3NDWG’s outgoing Chair George Rook.

Please click here to download the 3 Nation Dementia Working Group’s 2018-2019 Annual report. 

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