Dr Joy Watson

I was given a diagnosis of dementia at the age of 55. It didn’t come as a surprise as my nursing career had given me an insight into the symptoms.

I was awarded an honorary doctorate from Salford University, and became an associate with the university, helping to set up a dementia hub.
During the first two years, I was given many opportunities to bring about change for people affected by dementia in my local community. Setting up a support group for young people living with dementia was both challenging and rewarding. I was awarded the Prime Minister’s Point of Light award and the BBC’s Ray of Sunshine Award.

Being an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society has helped to restore my confidence. My passion these days is to come alongside young people. The Mr Alzheimer’s project has enabled me to help school children to understand dementia. The fun character is a big hit with the children.

I was also one of the people who took part in the TV programme “The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes “

Yes, there are many things I find difficult now, but I’m still determined to continue to do whatever I can. Once an activist, always an activist.

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