My name is Martina and predominantly from a Self Employed background I was diagnosed in December 2019 with PCA (Posterior Cortical Atrophy); originally a “Coventry kid” I now live in the large and rural county of Cumbria.

My reaction after receiving my diagnosis was some sense of relief, after that came understanding, acknowledgement, then finally acceptance. During all of this I never lost my ability to be the person I was in my previous life, a positive, glass half full kind of girl.

My years of self employment gave me the strength to face persistent challenges with determination and sheer grit.

I have been involved with Dementia Research, had input into changing how form filling is improved by making text, colour ways, content and jargon more user friendly.

I wave my Dementia flag by taking part in webinars and giving talks. My book of poetry “A Life in the Day of PCA” was published and released in 2022. I’m a Dementia buddy and a huge advocate of Peer Support.

I care passionately about raising Dementia awareness and improving peoples lives through better knowledge and services.

And my ongoing objective… Exploding the Myth that Dementia is part of the ageing process.

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