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Membership of the 3NDWG is open to all people with a diagnosis of dementia (or a re-diagnosis of cognitive impairment following a dementia diagnosis) living in England, Northern Ireland or Wales. Associate membership is also available for those with experience of dementia as a carer, as a professional or as a researcher.

Why should you get involved

We want to be a social movement that cannot be ignored. We want politicians of any persuasion to know they must take us seriously because we are so many. We want you to join us so you are part of something big and unstoppable. It’s free. It’s simple. And you will be making the world better for people living with dementia.

A sense of belonging to a wider group of like-minded people
Involvement opportunities relevant to your work experience, hobbies, interests or locality
The chance to share your experiences to continuously strive for improvement in research, advocacy and services
The opportunity to put yourself forward for the steering group as and when vacancies arise
Updates on current work and developments in the field of dementia
A platform to influence, improve and learn
Signposting to information
and services
Newsletter and
blog posts

So we will…

  • Provide opportunities for members to discuss their concerns, ask questions, and share experiences.
  • Bring together examples of what works and what probably does not work.
  • Provide as much as information as we can about how health and social care are structured across the three nations.
  • Be able to advise individuals about organisations that, like ours, exist to campaign for change.
  • Host discussions of rights and the law.
  • Host a weekly Twitter chat for anyone anywhere in the world to join.
  • Send a newsletter every two months to provide updates about our activities and campaigns.
  • Be holding webinars on specific subjects from time to time, which will be advertised on our website.
  • Get our members to every possible opportunity to make their voices heard, whether in one to one or larger meetings, or at conferences and other events.
  • Help you to make the change you and we want to see.