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In 2011, after coming to terms with my diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease aged 55, I…

Personal stories Posted 8 Nov

A personal story, our aims and ambitions

Keith Oliver gives his personal account of our aims and ambitions.

The Group’s key aim is to make a positive difference to the lives of people affected by dementia through sharing expertise and information and through taking action often through campaigning which will result in positive change across the three nations.

We seek to work with professionals, the media, policy makers and anyone who wishes to engage with, and learn from our wide experiences. We provide a rich resource of energy, experience and expertise to relevant organisations seeking the perspective of the current lived experience of dementia. We will work together with organisations who genuinely wish to engage.

All of us have at some time experienced stigma, disbelief, hurt and prejudice from having dementia and we will campaign energetically to address this and to highlight and respond to it appropriately.

As individuals we have an important voice, but collectively that voice is far more powerful. All we do is set firmly on collective speaking and action

We understand that professionals working with people with dementia are key allies and partners and we aim to ensure that their voice is heard alongside ours in advocating for better staff training and conditions for those working hard to care for us all. We want all professionals to recognize the part we can play together to provide better dementia services. Part of our aim in this is to act as a critical friend to organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Society.

From small acorns – big trees do grow, from an idea to a steering group to national body – we can and will make a difference

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