3NDWG Steering Group Role Description


The 3NDWG is a working group of people with dementia who want to make a positive difference to those affected by dementia. The group is independent of the Alzheimer’s Society but funded and provided with administrative support by the Alzheimer’s Society.

The group was launched in 2017, and once established, the group opened up to any person with a diagnosis of dementia. The role of the steering group has evolved from being a start-up function to overseeing the work of the 3NDWG in its entirety.

How long and how often

This is a voluntary role with an initial two year term.

The role requires an average of 10 hours of time per month and attendance at steering group meetings up to four times per year. There are also virtual meetings via Zoom video call once per month.

Project work will be in addition to the time estimates given above.


There will be travel within your region, as well as possible opportunities to volunteer at events across England, Wales & Northern Ireland on behalf of the 3NDWG. There may be opportunities to represent the group within Europe and internationally.

Why we need you…

The 3NDWG is a working group of people with dementia living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who wish to use their experience, skills and knowledge in contributing to:

  • the improvement of the lives of those living with dementia,
  • the improvement of the lives of those who support and care for people with dementia (PWD) and
  • the work of professionals and policy makers working in this and related areas.

As a member of the steering group you will be fundamental in determining how the group can achieve its objectives and contributing to their delivery.

The steering group will oversee the work of the 3NDWG including representatives from each region in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Steering group members lead activities in their areas and ensure the 3NDWG develops and achieves its ambitions.