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We Want You! 3NDWG Membership Explained

We would love to have you in the 3 Nations Dementia Working Group. The more members we have, the more numbers we have to add to our campaigns and to make decision makers understand that the voices of people affected by dementia can’t be ignored.

Whether you have a dementia diagnosis, have a family member who does, are a professional, a researcher, or just someone who wants to make a difference, we want you in our numbers.

Types of membership

The 3NDWG recently made the decision to open up membership to everyone, including carers, supporters and researchers. These members will have associate membership. Associate members will receive updates and will be invited to partake in opportunities which will be relevant to them. Associate members will also add to our numbers when it comes to campaigns, surveys or petitions, and in turn it gives everyone who wants to the opportunity to support and share the 3NDWG’s work.

The core membership and steering group will remain people living with a diagnosis of dementia. People living with dementia will always lead and influence the 3NDWG’s agenda, but we recognise that to enact change we need to get everyone on board. We also need carers, professionals, family members, friends, researchers and educators to work together with us and to shout about the work that we’re doing. In turn, the core membership want to feed in to projects, research and policy that our associate members are working on. It’s simply about working together towards a common cause.

How to join

Our membership form has been updated to allow anyone at all to join. There is just one membership form which is suitable for both core and associate members. The form asks for some details, and for your interests.

If you don’t have a dementia diagnosis, you can specify your profession or interest instead. Once you have sent this, you will be contacted in the future with any opportunities, news or events which are in line with your stated interests.

To access the form, please click here.

Alternatively, you can email [email protected] to ask for paper versions of the forms to be sent to you.

Please share with anybody in your networks who you think might be interested in applying, and if you are still asking yourself whether you should or can join, the simple answer is yes, please join us. 

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